SA Solutions’ seamless abutment technology was used to produce an innovative and unique drywall range. The patented solutions provide the opportunity for the creation of skirting and architrave detail, in a fashion which is beyond what was previously possible.

Produced through the use of just one component, skirting is available in a wide variety of types. From 5mm to 12mm flash gap, and even the opportunity for a rebated infill section that allows the insertion of a 3.5mm veneered infill in whatever material is desired by the designer.

With regard to architrave, door surround detailing is notoriously difficult to perfect, and is far from time effective, yet SA Solutions have encompassed all detail within easily manageable, separate transition plates. Used in conjunction with a standard butt joint, you can now fit skirting, architrave and even architrave head detail in an attractively finished and time effective fashion.

No mitring is required as a result of the detailing being included within the cast. Again superior is its production of an acoustically sound and fire rated partition, one which was previous unattainable, the result is a truly crisp and seamless solution.