Customised Seamless Abutments

Our standard range of SA seamless abutments are intended to cover the majority of your drywall detailing requirements, however, we strive to be flexible and meet the demands for any customised Seamless Abutment variations.

By exploring our standard range Seamless Abutment products you will gain an understanding of the types of details that we cater for but we recognise that every project is different and dimensions can vary, which is why we allow our customers to purchase products that suit their required details exactly.

We have a team of CAD technicians, available for all technical enquiries. We advise our customers to contact our technical department and send over their plasterboard detail drawings. We will return a drawing, showing the sections we would supply to suit your project specifically, rather than you having to source suitable products yourself.

Common variation’s include; sections to suit a thicker board, sections to suit a plaster skim finish, two part skirting to solve sequencing issues and even bespoke ceiling solutions.

All services related to product variations are free of charge and material prices do not increase when compared to our standard range, unless the product sizes are significantly increased.