Packaging and protection from damages

The seamless abutment sections are carefully packed in biodegradable cardboard as they are sent out from the factory. The packaging will be clearly marked with the product code and description.

Keep the abutments in the original packaging during transportation and at site, and only unpack them at the very point that they are to be installed in order to prevent product damages.


SA seamless abutments are only for indoor usage. Due to the fact that the seamless abutment sections consist mostly of gypsum and are therefore not highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, however, we do not recommend that they are exposed to extreme levels, and therefore recommend them to be stored and installed in the following climates;
Humidity: 25% – 70%/ Temperature: 5% – 25%


Due to the fact that the SA seamless abutment sections consist of 90% gypsum, they are not sensitive to exposure under UV – light.


It is important to avoid contact with excessive amounts of water (i.e. storing on wet and uneven floors).


During the installation, we recommend the use of clean gloves or to have clean hands. This prohibits greasy or dirty marks being transmitted on to the seamless abutment sections. The sections will be taped, jointed and painted before being finished; we still recommend keeping sections clean in order to allow highest quality finish.

How to repair

In the event of any damage to an SA seamless abutment section, both at the installation stage and also during periods of general maintenance, normal fill and paint procedures, using standard products, will ensure a satisfactory result.