SA Solutions’ seamless abutment sections act as a control within drywall partitioning as details become factory made as opposed to labour made and therefore offer a newfound level of consistency. As all the complications of drywall detailing are incorporated within the sections, difficulties such as flash gaps and mitres become pre-formed and controlled.

In addition to this, SA Solutions’ seamless abutments offer the following advantages:

sa-icon-designs Seamless Designs

Created with a leading tapered edge, the sections butt at 90 degrees with the plasterboard. The tapered edge allows for a consistently crisp and seamless finish.

sa-icon-glazing Seamless Transitions to Glass

The glazing range incorporates the patented tapered edge solution in to various drywall to glazing transitions as simple gaskets are recessed in to various horizontal and vertical posts. The result? An entirely seamless transition from drywall to glass!

sa-icon-acoustic Acoustic Performance

Where SA seamless abutment sections are used to replace extrusive beads for skirting, architrave and head detailing, air paths are removed and acoustic performance is subsequently improved. In addition to this, when glazing posts are used for the mounting of glass in partition walls, a dense gypsum based post will replace your conventional metal frame and therefore significantly reduce noise transfer.

sa-icon-fire Fire Resistance

SA seamless abutment sections are gypsum based and therefore fire resistant and thermal insulating products (please contact for relevant fire testing results and certifications). In addition to this point, and as mentioned in acoustic performance, the use of seamless abutment sections to form details where extrusive beads will be replaced eliminates air paths and therefore improves the performance of a partition under scrutiny of fire.