SA Solutions’ create industry leading prefab building solutions to enable architects and contractors achieve a better finish, in less time and at less cost.

Our solutions are designed and developed to the correct specifications off-site before being delivered to the project in question. This helps projects to complete on time, within budget and with a professional and seamless finish. We supply or supply and install our solutions to suit each client’s unique requirement.

Whether you need folding plaster board to hold unique light fittings or you need to achieve flush and seamless drywall endings and junctions, we will have the patented solution for you. SA Solutions’ standard range of seamless abutment sections caters for skirting’s, architraves, head details and corners; as well as a full range of drywall to glazing transitions. All complications are eliminated as details and junctions are performed within sections.

By using SA Solutions’ patented prefab building solutions, you will be able to create flush and seamless finish to all of your projects.

We invite all of our clients and prospects to come down to our Innovate Centre at a convenient time for them to meet our team and to have a look at our solutions first hand.