SA Solutions were approached by Space Change Management with regard to a two story retail space, which they were looking to convert in to a Medi Spa.

The job required the creation of an aesthetically pleasing, clean and clinical space. With the inclusion of many attractive graphics, smooth edges and a strong emphasis on quality of finish, the seamless abutment technology from SA Solutions was perfect in its use as a means of turning a basic partition wall, in to something that was uniquely attractive. The seamless finish worked well to create the desired atmosphere. Door-ways were framed with 5mm SA-16 architrave detail and a purpose built corner detail – SA-C11. Once installed, this corner detail would serve a dual purpose.

Firstly, it was able to provide visually with the inclusion of a 20mm flash gap at the wall head and secondly, this transition provided an acoustic break to the MF ceiling that eliminated air paths, and provided the subsequent treatment rooms with the required sense of intimacy and privacy. Seamlessly finished glass doors were framed using separate fins, with the glass pocketed in to our SA-1 glass pocket profile. It had also been decided that the accuracy of the resin floor should be defined, which encouraged the inclusion of the SA-14 skirting profile – with a 20mm flash gap.