During the fit out of London City airports new departure lounge and search areas, SA Solutions were approached by the main contractor, AA Lovegrove.

AA Lovegrove required a product that produced a clean and sharp finish, and with no need for remedial, regardless of the personal who installed the partition detailing. AA Lovegrove were not only looking for a product which showed consistency in its control over the installer, but also one which could provide this quality of seamless finish in a time effective manner. With the desired style and cleanliness of finish, the detail specified was reminiscent of large fibrous works, which would of course, proved costly for the contractor as it would require the use of large casts being produced off site. In addition to this, such methods would have increased programme time. SA Solutions’ seamless abutment technology was able to solve such issues, and due to the nature of the product, without unnecessary difficulty. The seamless abutment profiles are of course made of plaster and the team of technicians at SA, along with the support of AA Lovegrove, decided that all interfaces and problem junctions would be finished using SA components, taped and filled and then finally decorated.

Mr Stuart Lovegrove, from AA Lovegrove, wrote the following comments with regard to the use of the seamless abutment product and its performance: “SA Solutions provided a comprehensive service and a truly beneficial alternative to the conventional alternative methods, which we had ourselves used on previous jobs. Before, lack of accuracy, and a less than perfect finish was, to a degree, accepted. With the inclusion of the seamless abutment technology, the quality of finish was not only consistent, but impressively seamless. We were able to increase efficiency and quality of finish with a product that proved time effective, and therefore cost effective.”