During the complete refurbishment of the Four Seasons hotel, SA Solutions were invited by Beck Interiors to provide interface solutions for the guest rooms and suites throughout all nine floors.

SA Solutions reviewed a mock up room in order to identify the issues that Beck were encountering; issues which could be solved through the use of SA Solutions’ Seamless Abutment technology. In particular, the shower areas offered some difficulty as the use of aluminium tracks resulted in recessed and uncomfortable edges, which could not be efficiently finished. SA Solutions were able to overcome the issue as the innovative seamless abutment product, once finished, was as it states, seamless.

The profile chosen for this specific job would not only create an aesthetically pleasing glazing pocket, with a simple snap in bead, but once fitted, would be impossible to differentiate between profile and location of joint. This use of the SA – 1 mid wall ceiling abutment worked well and lead to the request for a section which could form an up stand for light spill. To which we supplied the SA – 11 abutments, with a tapered edge as a cost effective solution. A complete cast was not required as we were able to use a profile section at 45mm square, taped and jointed, and once again finished completely seamlessly.

SA Solutions were also required to supply flash gap detailing for the use in creating crisp perimeter detailing to joinery in some of the larger suites. This was achieved through the use of SA – 12, as an architrave and termination bead. We were able to create a 5mm flash gap without the presence of gather or undulation which is usually seen as a result of the jointing and fixing process of traditional beads.

A similar detail was used in order to produce a recessed sliding track. The track was recessed in to the ceiling board and combined with a mirrored door using the SA – 12 profile section. Standard extrusions were originally drawn by the architectural team but could not be used due to the previously described gather issue. The gather would have been noticeable through the doors reflection. After two years, there was no remedial with the SA product, throughout the entire hotel and yet traditional beading works are regularly found to form cracks and alignment issues, which of course resulted in subsequent costs for the associated trade contractor.