SA Solutions were approached by Bespoke Acoustic Interiors, who requested the supply of a wide variety of seamless abutment sections as a means of creating a range of drywall details in their design and build fit out of Bedford Insurance’s new head offices.

Bespoke Acoustic Interiors requested the supply of the SA15.30 Seamless Abutment Skirting and SA16 Infill architrave sets as they looked to create a flush material finish at the base of their partitions and around their doorframes. The material infill was to match the material used to manufacture the doors. The sections all created with a leading edge and a tapered edged, preformed within the gypsum based alpha plaster sections, allowed a seamless finish to the plasterboard.

Bespoke Acoustic Interiors also included the use of the Seamless Abutment, SA11 external corner sections, to replace conventional metal trims on the corners of their partitions. These sections allowed a more crisp and consistent finish to the plasterboard than the standard trims. In addition, SA13 head detail sections were adopted as a means of creating a detail around the ceiling trim, but whilst also eliminating air paths and improving the acoustic performance of these partitions within a call centre environment.

Separate transition sections, used at the base of vertical architrave and external corner sections, ensured a simple 90 degree butt joint with the skirting would be sufficient as complications of mitre were preformed with the transition sections themselves.

The Seamless Abutment glazing system was also adopted to create a variety of double glazed partitions.

Finally, custom curved external sections were created as a means of producing bespoke ceiling details. These bespoke sections created unique details within the ceiling, whilst also including the seamless abutment technology, which allowed a flush and consistent finish to the plasterboard ceiling.