SA Solutions were approached by Bespoke Acoustic Interiors in connection with the commercial office fit out in question.

Bespoke Acoustic Interiors were familiar with the seamless abutment product range but since the sections hadn’t been specified, were willing to work on persuading the contractor and architect to allow their inclusion as a method of improving the build logistics and quality of finish. After building a mock up to demonstrate the proposed sections, all involved were instantly convinced and allowed the adoption of the unspecified product as an alternative method of creating the shadow gap detailing and other details.

During the complete interior fit out, a wide range of sections were used in order to create a number of details, including; SA14.30 skirting, SA12 head detail, SA10 fair end posts, SA16 architrave sets and even a custom detail, which was used to interface the linear grilles with the plasterboard. The finalised details impressed as the seamless abutment sections allow for flush, crisp and consistent drywall transitions, in a method which proved both time and cost effective.