Prefab Building Solutions

SA Solutions’ provide patented prefab building solutions to deliver a seamless finish. Our custom range of prefabricated products and techniques help projects to be completed ahead of schedule, under budget and with a better finish.

Our seamless abutment sections cater for skirtings, architraves, head details and corners; as well as a full range of drywall to glazing transitions.

These gypsum based fibrous sections allow a flush and seamless finish with your plasterboard partitions.

Until now, wall endings have been created using mostly metal or wooden based products, which cannot be seamlessly joined with the gypsum based plasterboards.

By using SA Solutions’ seamless abutments and our revolutionary patented edge detail, you will be able to create a flush door shadow gap, flashgap and shadow gap with seamless drywall endings and junctions. In addition to this, you will also be able to create seamless interfaces between plasterboard and glazed partitions.

When it comes to clean design and detailing, SA Solutions’ seamless approach achieves the look and feel that I seek. In my office, we try to visually minimize specific details, and the SA Solutions base achieves this intention beautifully and discreetly. We have employed the base detail for the V&A Museum in Dundee, Scotland, and we are pursuing its use in other projects as well.

Kengo Kuma/Kengo Kuma and Associates

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Case studies

Argent House

SA Solutions were approached by Bespoke Acoustic Interiors, who requested the supply of a wide…


B2 Building - Kings Cross

SA Solutions were approached by BAM Construction, who informed them that the seamless abutment products…


Commercial Project - London Victoria

SA Solutions were approached by Bespoke Acoustic Interiors in connection with the commercial office fit…


The benefits of using Seamless Abutments

Seamless Designs

Created with a leading tapered edge, the sections butt at 90 degrees with the plasterboard. The tapered edge allows for a consistently crisp and seamless finish.


Fire Resistance

Sections are gypsum based and therefore fire resistant and thermal insulating products.


Acoustic Performance

Where our sections are used to replace extrusive beads for skirting, architrave and head detailing, air paths are removed and acoustic performance is subsequently improved.


Seamless Transition to glass

The glazing range incorporates the patented tapered edge solution in to various drywall to glazing transitions. The result? An entirely seamless transition from drywall to glass!



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